Abena Korkor Biography: Wiki, Age, Parents, Education, Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Controversies, Instagram

abena korkor
Abena Korkor Biography

Abena Korkor Biography

Abena Korkor, whose full name is Nana Abena Korkor Addo, is a renowned media personality in Ghana, born on January 30, 1990. Her career spans television presenting, media personality, and plus-size modeling. Beyond her professional endeavors, she is notable for her advocacy work in mental health, openly sharing her journey with bipolar disorder.

Abena gained prominence as the former host of the TV show “Ladies Circle” and has been at the center of various controversies, contributing to her widespread recognition in the media landscape.

Abena Korkor Age

Abena Korkor was born on January 30, 1990. As of now, she is 34 years old.

Abena Korkor Early Life and Education

Nana Abena Korkor Addo, born on January 30, 1990, in Accra, Ghana, hails from the esteemed Addo family. Raised in various vibrant communities within Tema, including Community 5, 6, 2, and 4, her current abode is in Community 25. Abena, alongside her younger brother, constitutes the sole biological children of her parents, nurturing her early signs of intellect and creativity within a supportive household.

Her educational odyssey commenced at St. Paul Methodist Preparatory, where she laid the cornerstone for her academic journey. Later, she pursued her secondary education at Aburi Girls’ Senior High School (ABUGISS) in the Eastern Region of Ghana, culminating in her graduation in 2007. During her tenure at ABUGISS, she resided in Irene Anderson House (Irisco Hall) and specialized in Elective Science.


Post-secondary, Abena Korkor’s pursuit of higher learning led her to the University of Ghana, Legon, where she initially embarked on a course in Biological Science. However, her academic trajectory encountered a detour when she journeyed to the United States for treatment, following a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Upon her return to Ghana, Abena redirected her academic endeavors, opting to enroll at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) during the academic years of 2012-2013. Here, she dedicated herself to her studies and eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical and Forensic Science.

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Abena Korkor Career

Abena Korkor’s career journey is characterized by her diverse roles in media, advocacy, and modeling, making her a well-known figure in Ghana.

Initially recognized for her work as a television presenter, media personality, and plus-size model, Abena quickly established herself as a prominent figure in the Ghanaian media landscape. Her charismatic presence and ability to connect with audiences propelled her to success, and she gained popularity through her roles on various television shows, including her time as the former host of the TV show “Ladies Circle.”


In addition to her career in media and modeling, Abena Korkor is also a passionate mental health advocate. She has been open about her own experiences with bipolar disorder and has used her platform to raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding mental health issues in Ghana.

Abena Korkor Personal Life

Abena Korkor has been transparent about her personal life and romantic involvements, frequently disclosing insights across diverse platforms. While she has not confirmed any official marriage status, she has acknowledged her past relationships with several Ghanaian men.

Abena Korkor Controversy

Abena Korkor found herself at the center of a controversy when she accused two prominent figures of involvement in the leakage of an explicit video, a violation of her privacy. Taking to social media, she publicly called out the Deputy Director of the Cybercrime Unit of the CID and former NDC organizer, Joshua Akamba, demanding accountability and restitution.

Abena Korkor Net Worth

As of 2024, Abena Korkor’s estimated net worth is reported to be approximately $200,000.

Abena Korkor Social Media Handles

Abena Korkor is active on various platforms:


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