Aisha Ibrahim Comedy Biography: Age, Career, Husband, Net Worth, Social Media

Aisha Ibrahim Comedy Biography

Aisha Ibrahim Biography

Aisha Ibrahim is a Nigerian comedian who makes funny videos and posts them on social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. She is known for her hilarious expressions, accents, and skits.

Some of her popular videos are “My husband Push me out of the house”, “My girlfriend Alhaja broke up with me”, and “BEST OF AISHA IBRAHIM VIDEOS”. She has a large fan base and often collaborates with other comedians such as Ogaflex and Kingkris.

Aisha Ibrahim State Of Origin

Aisha Ibrahim hails from Kogi State, Nigeria.

Aisha Ibrahim Early Life and Education

Aisha Ibrahim was born in Jos, Plateau State, where she grew up in a humble family. She developed a passion for acting and comedy from a young age, and often told her mother that she wanted to be like the movie stars she watched on TV.

She attended St. Theresa’s College in Jos, where she participated in various drama and cultural activities. She was also a good student who excelled in her academics.


She graduated from the college in 2019 and proceeded to study Mass Communication at the University of Jos. She hoped to pursue a career in journalism or broadcasting after her graduation.

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Aisha Ibrahim Career

Aisha Ibrahim Comedy Biography

Aisha Ibrahim is a Nigerian comedian, actress, and social media personality who makes funny videos and skits. She started her career in 2015, when she saw an advertisement for aspiring actors and actresses on a movie she was watching. She called the director and traveled to Imo State for a shoot, where she met other people who shared her passion for acting.

She continued to get calls for movie roles, and also discovered YouTube, a platform where she could upload her own videos and reach a large audience. She created her first video, titled “How to survive in Nigeria”, which was a satire on the challenges and struggles of living in Nigeria. The video went viral and received positive feedback from her viewers, who loved her humor and creativity.


She then made more videos, covering various topics such as relationships, politics, religion, culture, and everyday life. She also collaborated with other comedians and influencers, such as Ogaflex and Kingkris.

She gained fame and popularity, and became one of the most sought-after comedians in Nigeria. She also earned money from her videos, which enabled her to support herself and her family.

She has since won several awards and recognition for her work, such as the Best Female Comedian of the Year at the 2022 Nigerian Comedy Awards.

She is currently working on her own TV show, which will showcase her talent and personality to a wider audience. She is also active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, where she has millions of followers and fans.

Aisha Ibrahim Husband

Aisha Ibrahim Comedy Biography


Aisha Ibrahim got engaged to her long time boyfriend in 2023, and they had their traditional marriage in 2024.

Aisha Ibrahim Net Worth

Aisha Ibrahim has an estimated net worth of $60,000 as of 2024.

Aisha Ibrahim Social Media Handles

  • Instagram: @iam_aishaibrahim
  • Facebook: Aisha Ibrahim
  • Twitter: @TheNaanaAisha

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