Andrew Dipela Biography: Age, Wiki, Career, Family, Wife, Net Worth

Andrew Dipela biography

Andrew Dipela Biography

Andrew Dipela is a former CEO of the Premier Soccer League (PSL) in South Africa. He is also the current chairperson of the Limpopo Tourism Agency (LTA), a government agency that promotes tourism and sports in the Limpopo province.

He has been involved in various soccer and tourism initiatives, such as the 2010 FIFA World Cup bid and the Limpopo Golf Championship.

Andrew Dipela Early Life and Education

Dipela was born and raised in Bela-Bela, a town in the Limpopo province. He grew up in a large family of nine siblings, and his parents were both teachers. He developed a passion for soccer at a young age, and played for various local teams. He also excelled academically, and was the head boy of his high school.

Dipela pursued his tertiary education at the University of the North, now known as the University of Limpopo, where he studied public administration and political science.

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1988, and later obtained a postgraduate diploma in management from the University of the Witwatersrand. He also completed several short courses in leadership, governance, and tourism.


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Andrew Dipela Career

Dipela started his career as a public relations officer for the National Soccer League (NSL), the precursor of the PSL, in 1989. He rose through the ranks and became the general manager of the PSL in 1996. He was instrumental in transforming the league into a professional and profitable entity, and securing lucrative sponsorship deals. He also played a key role in the bidding and hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, as part of the SAFA delegation. He was involved in the negotiations, presentations, and preparations for the mega-event, which was a huge success for South Africa and the African continent.

In 2011, Dipela left the PSL and became the municipal manager of Bela-Bela Municipality, his hometown in the Limpopo province. He was responsible for the administration, governance, and service delivery of the municipality. He also initiated several projects to improve the infrastructure, education, and health of the community. He also promoted the town as a tourist destination, especially for its hot springs and wildlife attractions.

In 2015, Dipela was appointed the chairperson of the Limpopo Tourism Agency (LTA), a government agency that promotes tourism and sports in the Limpopo province. He oversees the strategic direction, planning, and implementation of the agency’s programs and activities. He also engages with various stakeholders, such as the provincial government, the private sector, and the local communities, to foster partnerships and collaborations. He has been involved in various soccer and tourism initiatives, such as the Limpopo Golf Championship, the Limpopo Heritage Festival, and the Limpopo Marula Festival.

One of the major challenges that Dipela faced in his career was the relocation of Marumo Gallants, a DStv Premiership club based in Limpopo, to the North West province in 2023. This was a blow to the LTA’s policy of supporting local teams in the elite league, as it meant the loss of revenue, exposure, and development opportunities for the province. Dipela expressed his disappointment and frustration with the decision, but also respected the club’s choice. He reiterated the LTA’s commitment to support any team that hosts their matches in Limpopo, as long as they meet the criteria and conditions.


Another challenge that Dipela faced was the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the sports and tourism sectors. The pandemic disrupted the normal operations and activities of the PSL, the LTA, and the municipalities, as well as the livelihoods and well-being of the people involved. Dipela had to adapt and innovate to cope with the changing situation, such as implementing health and safety protocols, adjusting budgets and plans, and finding alternative ways to deliver services and products. He also had to balance the needs and interests of different stakeholders, such as the government, the sponsors, the clubs, the players, and the fans.

Despite the challenges, Dipela also had many achievements and accolades in his career. He was awarded the Order of Ikhamanga in Silver by the President of South Africa in 2011, for his contribution to the development and promotion of soccer in the country. He was also recognized as the Best Municipal Manager in Limpopo in 2014, for his excellent performance and leadership in the Bela-Bela Municipality. He was also nominated for the Sports Administrator of the Year award by the South African Sports Awards in 2016, for his role in the LTA.

Andrew Personal Life

Andrew Dipela is a husband and a father, as he often shares his family on his official X page. However, he has not revealed the names or details of his wife and children, as he prefers to keep their identity private.

Andrew Dipela Net Worth

Andrew Dipela has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2024.

Andrew Dipela Twitter Handle

His Twitter handle is @AndrewDipela.

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