Bobrisky Biography: Wiki, Real Name, Age, Pictures, Boyfriend, Gender, Net Worth, Controversies, Instagram

Bobrisky biography

Bobrisky Biography

Bobrisky is a prominent Nigerian transgender woman and a notable personality within the LGBT community, renowned for her active engagement on various social media platforms such as Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. She garnered widespread attention for her viral “bobrisky dance” on TikTok in 2021. However, her public persona has often sparked controversy due to her deviation from traditional Nigerian norms and values.

Educationally, Bobrisky attended both King’s High School and Okota High School in Lagos before earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

Throughout her journey, Bobrisky has been outspoken about her personal experiences, offering valuable insights into her life and advocating fervently for transgender rights. Despite encountering significant criticism and opposition, she maintains a prominent presence and continues to exert influence within the Nigerian social media sphere.

Bobrisky Real Name

Bobrisky’s real name is Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju.

Bobrisky State Of Origin

Bobrisky hails from the Ebute Metta area of Lagos, Nigeria.


Bobrisky Age

As of 2024, Bobrisky is 32 years old.

Bobrisky Early Life and Education

Bobrisky, born on August 31, 1991, in Ebute Metta, Lagos, Nigeria, received her secondary education at King’s High School and Okota High School in Lagos. Subsequently, she furthered her studies at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

Bobrisky Transgender And Surgery

Bobrisky biography

Bobrisky has been transparent about her transgender journey, discussing the surgeries she underwent to transition. In a candid disclosure, she revealed that her decision to embrace femininity stemmed from a belief that she would achieve greater success in life as a woman. Adopting the name ‘Bobrisky,’ she symbolically acknowledged the risks associated with the multiple surgeries undertaken to align with her current identity.

Bobrisky Career

Bobrisky biography


Bobrisky, by named Okuneye, is a Nigerian internet personality recognized for her dynamic and controversial presence across various social media platforms such as Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. Her online journey gained momentum as she shared content reflecting her life as a transgender woman, openly discussing experiences and lifestyle choices divergent from conservative Nigerian norms.

Her ability to capture significant attention and traffic to her social media profiles, particularly through claims of a wealthy, anonymous benefactor, contributed to her notoriety. Combined with candid dialogues about gender and identity, this intrigue propelled her to amass a sizable following.

In 2021, Bobrisky’s fame surged further with her viral “bobrisky dance” on TikTok, which became emblematic of her brand identity.

Bobrisky biography

In addition to her social media engagements, Bobrisky has diversified into several business ventures. Utilizing her online prominence, she has successfully launched beauty products and engaged in brand marketing and promotion, leveraging her extensive audience reach and influence. However, Bobrisky’s professional trajectory has not been devoid of controversy. She has encountered criticism and opposition due to her gender identity and lifestyle choices, notably within a sociopolitical context where LGBTQ+ rights face significant limitations. Nonetheless, she persistently advocates for the transgender community, providing counsel and solidarity to individuals navigating similar paths.


Bobrisky biography
Bobrisky’s influence goes beyond just speaking up for things she believes in. She gets invited to talk at events and hangs out with other famous people from Nigeria. People were really interested in her back in October to November 2016. Google’s communication and public affairs manager for West Africa said she was the most searched person in Nigeria during that time.

Bobrisky Personal Life

As of now, Bobrisky is single and not in a relationship.

Bobrisky Net Worth

Bobrisky biography

In 2024, Bobrisky is worth about $1.6 million. She made most of her money from social media, endorsements, and selling stuff. She owns a big house with five bedrooms in Lekki and drives a Range Rover and a Mercedes Benz CLA250.

Bobrisky Social Media Handles

  • Instagram: @bobrisky222
  •  Twitter: @bobriskyldris
  • Facebook: Bobrisky
  • Snapchat: @bobrisky222
  • TikTok: @bobrisky202


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