Chizoba Wigwe Biography: Age,Wiki, Career, Death, Husband, Children

Chizoba Wigwe Biography

Chizoba Wigwe Biography

Chizoba Wigwe was a prominent lawyer and entrepreneur, recognized for her significant contributions within legal and business spheres. As the wife of Herbert Wigwe, the esteemed CEO of Access Holdings Plc, Chizoba played a vital role in supporting her husband’s endeavours while also pursuing her professional ventures.

Early Life and Education

Chizoba Wigwe was born in Nigeria to a well-respected family. Her parents were both lawyers and instilled in her a passion for learning and excellence. She attended prestigious schools in Nigeria and abroad, where she excelled academically and socially. She obtained a degree in law from the University of Nigeria and later pursued a master’s degree in international law from the University of London.

Career and Achievements

Chizoba Wigwe began her career as a legal practitioner, working for various law firms and organizations in Nigeria and abroad. She specialized in corporate law, commercial litigation, and arbitration. She also served as a legal adviser and consultant for several businesses and institutions, including Access Bank, where she met her future husband, Herbert Wigwe.

Chizoba Wigwe was not only a successful lawyer, but also a savvy entrepreneur. She founded and managed several businesses in different sectors, such as fashion, hospitality, and education. She was the owner and CEO of Chizzy Couture, a clothing line that catered to the high-end market. She also owned and operated Chizzy Hotel, a luxury hotel that offered world-class services and amenities. Additionally, she established and ran Chizzy Academy, a private school that provided quality education and training for children and young adults.

Personal Life and Family

Chizoba Wigwe married Herbert Wigwe in 1998, after a brief courtship of four months. They met during Chizoba’s National Youth Service Corps program, where she was assigned to work at Access Bank.


Herbert, who was then an executive director at the bank, was immediately smitten by her beauty and intelligence. He proposed to her shortly after they met and they tied the knot in a lavish ceremony.

Chizoba and Herbert had a loving and supportive relationship, built on mutual respect and admiration. They shared a vision of success and excellence, and encouraged each other to pursue their goals and dreams. They also shared a strong faith and devotion to God, and were active members of their church and community.

Chizoba and Herbert were blessed with four children: Chizi, Tochi, Hannah, and David. They raised their children with love and care, and instilled in them the values of hard work, integrity, and compassion. They also provided them with the best education and opportunities, and nurtured their talents and interests.

Death and Legacy

Chizoba Wigwe died tragically in a helicopter crash near the California-Nevada border on February 11, 2024. She was traveling with her husband, Herbert, their son, David, and three other passengers, including Abimbola Ogunbanjo, the former Group Chairman of Nigerian Exchange Group Plc (NGX Group). They were en route to Las Vegas to attend the Super Bowl. There were no survivors.

Chizoba Wigwe’s death was mourned by many people, especially her family, friends, and colleagues. She was remembered as a loving wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend, who touched many lives with her kindness, generosity, and grace. She was also celebrated as a brilliant lawyer, entrepreneur, and leader, who made remarkable contributions to the legal and business sectors. She left behind a legacy of excellence, innovation, and impact.



Chizoba Wigwe was a remarkable woman who lived a full and meaningful life. She was a lawyer, entrepreneur, wife, mother, and philanthropist, who excelled in everything she did. She was a source of inspiration and support for her husband, Herbert Wigwe, the CEO of Access Holdings Plc, and a role model for many women and young people.

She died in a tragic accident, along with her husband and son, leaving behind a void that can never be filled. She will always be remembered and honored for her achievements, contributions, and legacy.

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