Drone Prathap Biography: Wikipedia, Age, Education, Family, Career, Bigg Boss Kannada, Drones, Net Worth, Awards, Personal Life, And Controversies

Drone Prathap Biography

Drone Prathap Biography

Drone Prathap is an Indian engineer, programmer, entrepreneur and tech professional, who gained recognition for creating more than 600 drones from electronic waste. Utilizing these drones, he engaged in humanitarian efforts, delivering food and essential relief supplies to regions affected by floods. Additionally, he serves as the founder and CEO of Dronark Aerospace.

However, some of his claims have been questioned by experts and media, who accused him of exaggerating his achievements and violating patent laws.

He was also arrested by police for violating quarantine rules in 2021. He is currently a contestant on the reality show Bigg Boss Kannada 10.

Drone Prathap Early Life, Parents and Education

Drone Prathap was born on 15 June 1998 (25 years old as of 2023) in Netkal village in Malavalli taluka of Mandya district in Karnataka. His father, Marimaddaiah, was a farmer and his mother, Savita, was a homemaker. He belongs to the Hinduism religion and the Kannadiga ethnicity.

Drone Prathap completed his schooling at Jain International Residential School, Bangalore and pursued a bachelor’s degree in science at JSS College of Arts and Commerce, Mysore. He was interested in engineering and drones since childhood, but he faced financial constraints and lack of resources to pursue his passion. He worked as a sweeper at a cyber cafe, a tutor, and a farmer to earn money and buy electronic parts for his projects.


Drone Prathap taught himself how to build drones from e-waste and online tutorials. He participated in various national and international competitions and exhibitions, where he claimed to have won several awards and recognition for his innovations.

Drone Prathap Career

Drone Prathap Biography

Drone Prathap, an Indian scientist and entrepreneur, rose to prominence by repurposing over 600 drones from electronic waste, using them for humanitarian purposes like delivering food and aid to flood-affected regions.

His journey into the world of drones began humbly, working as a sweeper at a cyber cafe to access the internet and learn about these aerial devices. He navigated through adversities, such as sleeping at bus stands and skipping meals, while teaching to earn money for purchasing drone components. His innovative spirit led him to create his first drone, “Eagle 1.0,” using e-waste during his 10th-grade year, employing it for spraying pesticides on his father’s farm. Pushing boundaries, he fashioned drones using unconventional materials like plastic bottles, cardboard, and bamboo.

Collaborating with various entities, Prathap deployed drones for humanitarian missions, including delivering essentials during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing aid to flood-stricken regions in Karnataka and Kerala, managing traffic and monitoring festivals, and conducting aerial surveys for agriculture and urban planning.


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Drone Prathap Entry Into Big Boss Kannada

Drone Prathap Biography

Drone Prathap entered the reality TV show Bigg Boss Kannada Season 10 as one of the contestants in 2023. He said that he wanted to join the show to clear his name from the controversies that surrounded him and to showcase his talent and passion for drones. He also said that he was looking forward to meeting new people and learning from them. He was welcomed by the host, Kiccha Sudeep, who praised him for his achievements and innovations.

However, Drone Prathap did not stay long in the show, as he decided to quit after a few weeks. He cited personal reasons for his exit and said that he wanted to focus on his projects and research. He also said that he was grateful for the opportunity and the support he received from the viewers and the other contestants. He left the show with a positive note and a smile.

Drone Prathap Awards

Drone Prathap Biography

  • Information Technology and Communication Research Medal (iREX, 2017)
  • Albert Einstein Innovation Gold Medal (International Drone Expo, Germany, 2018)
  • Gold Medal (International Drone Expo, Los Angeles, USA, 2018)
  • Extraordinary Kannadiga Award (Government of Karnataka, 2018)


  • He was arrested for violating quarantine rules after travelling from Bihar to Hyderabad and then to Bengaluru in July 2020.
  • He was accused of making false claims about receiving international awards and recognition for his drones in 2020. He denied the allegations and said that he had proof of his achievements.
  • He was exposed by a German company called BillzEye, which stated that the drone that Prathap claimed to have built and won an award for was actually developed by its owner, Bill Gutbier, and displayed at an exhibition in Germany in 2018.
  • He was unable to answer basic questions about aerodynamics and refused to showcase some of the drones that he claimed to have made.
  • He was found to have lied about being offered a job by France and working with DRDO in India.

Drone Prathap Personal LifeWorth

Drone Prathap Biography

Drone Prathap is not in a relationship and does not have a girlfriend. He is single and focused on his career as a scientist and entrepreneur. He is very private about his personal life and does not share much information about it.

Drone Prathap Net Worth

Drone Prathap’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $2.5 million. He claims to have earned this amount from making and selling drones, winning international awards and prizes, giving lectures, and appearing on social media and TV shows.

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