Edwin Sodi Biography: Age, Wiki Career, Wife, Scandals, Houses, Cars, Net Worth

Edwin Sodi biography

Edwin Sodi Biography

Edwin Sodi, a South African entrepreneur, holds the position of CEO at Blackhead Consulting, a company embroiled in numerous corruption scandals.

Beyond his business endeavors, Sodi is recognized for his financial contributions to the ANC and his tumultuous relationship with his estranged wife, Nthateng Lerata.

Reports allege an incident in 2022 where he purportedly attempted to shoot Lerata. Presently, Sodi faces charges including attempted murder, assault, and domestic abuse.

Edwin Sodi Early Life and Education

Edwin Sodi hails from Gauteng, South Africa, where he spent his formative years. Although his precise date of birth remains undisclosed, estimates place him around 51 years old as of 2024.

Raised in a religious household, Sodi’s upbringing was influenced by his father’s role as a pastor in the Lutheran Church. Despite facing adversities such as bullying during his schooling years, Sodi demonstrated an early entrepreneurial drive and resilience. To support himself and his family, he took on work as a gardener while navigating through challenges.


Driven by a determination to surmount obstacles and pursue his aspirations, Sodi attended various schools in Gauteng, although specific details regarding his academic background remain undisclosed.

Sodi’s commitment to personal and professional development is evident through his academic achievements. He holds a master’s degree in business administration from the esteemed Henley Business School, a testament to his dedication to education. Additionally, he has enriched his knowledge through participation in numerous leadership, management, and entrepreneurship courses and workshops.

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Edwin Sodi Career

Edwin Sodi’s career trajectory as a businessman and investor began with the founding of Blackhead Consulting in 2004. This consulting firm specializes in providing professional services in project management and engineering.

Beyond Blackhead Consulting, Sodi’s interests extend to over 40 other companies spanning diverse sectors such as mining, construction, agriculture, media, and technology. His substantial footprint in various industries positions him as one of South Africa’s most successful and influential businessmen.


Throughout his career, Sodi has held positions at the board level and provided invaluable advice to CEOs and organization executives. He has been extensively involved in large-scale reconstruction projects, particularly within the public domain, amassing significant wealth from contracts awarded by the Gauteng Provincial Government.

Sodi’s career path has intersected with the political landscape of South Africa, offering insights into how politics influence the business environment. Joining the African National Congress (ANC), the ruling party, Sodi leveraged his connections and influence to secure lucrative government tenders for his company and associates. Additionally, he has made substantial donations to various political figures and campaigns, particularly those aligned with the ANC.

Edwin Sodi Scandals

Edwin Sodi, a South African businessman, has been embroiled in numerous scandals, spanning both his personal and professional life. Here are some of the notable incidents:

The Asbestos Audit Project Scandal: Sodi and his company, Blackhead Consulting, secured a R255 million contract to audit and remove asbestos roofs from low-cost houses in the Free State. However, they allegedly subcontracted the work to other firms and inflated costs. This irregularity was flagged by the Auditor-General and the Special Investigating Unit. In 2020, Sodi, along with former Free State premier Ace Magashule and others, faced charges of fraud, corruption, and money laundering.

The Attempted Murder of His Estranged Wife: Allegedly, during a dispute over their divorce settlement in 2022, Sodi fired shots at his estranged wife’s car. He was also accused of previous incidents of assault and threats with a firearm. Sodi was subsequently arrested and charged with attempted murder, assault, and domestic abuse. He denied the allegations, citing self-defense.


The Cheating Scandal with ProVerb’s Ex-Wife: Sodi was involved in an extramarital affair with Onalerona, the former wife of rapper and TV personality ProVerb, leading to the dissolution of their 10-year marriage in 2015. Reports indicate Sodi showered Onalerona with expensive gifts and financed her trips abroad. ProVerb publicly disclosed the affair on social media before filing for divorce.

The R300 Million SIU Corruption Investigation: Sodi and former human settlements minister Lindiwe Sisulu are currently under investigation by the Special Investigating Unit for their involvement in a R300 million tender awarded for emergency shelters during the Covid-19 pandemic. Sodi was a director of NJR Projects, the company that won the tender, although he resigned a month later. Suspicions of irregularities and overpricing surround the tender.

Edwin Sodi Personal Life

Edwin Sodi has been married twice. His first marriage was to Nthateng Lerata, a former television and radio presenter, whom he wed in 2012. Unfortunately, their union was marred by turmoil, with Sodi accusing Lerata of theft and deceit. In a distressing turn of events in 2022, Sodi allegedly fired shots at Lerata’s car following a dispute over their divorce settlement. Subsequently, he faced serious legal charges, including attempted murder, assault, and domestic abuse.

In addition to his marital history, Sodi’s romantic entanglements with some of Mzansi’s most influential women have attracted attention. Notable figures among his past partners include Disebo Makatsa, Kefilwe Mabote, Mihlali Ndamase, and Thuli Phongolo. His affair with Onalerona, the former wife of rapper and TV personality ProVerb, notably led to the dissolution of their 10-year marriage in 2015.

Currently, Sodi is in a relationship with Nokukhanya Karen Zulu, a well-known social media influencer and model.


Edwin Sodi Net Worth

Edwin Sodi’s net worth is estimated to exceed R300 million, primarily amassed through his business endeavors, notably spearheaded by his company Blackhead Consulting, which has successfully secured multiple government tenders.

In addition to his business ventures, Sodi possesses a portfolio of properties and luxury vehicles, including a Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls Royce, and Bentley. However, his financial assets have been subject to freeze orders by authorities in light of his entanglement in corruption scandals.

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