Jowie Irungu Biography: Age, Wiki, Security Career, Murder of Monica Kimani

Jowie Irungu Biography

Jowie Irungu Biography

Jowie Irungu is a Kenyan man who was recently convicted of killing Monica Kimani, a businesswoman with South Sudan connections, in September 2018. His ex-fiancé, Jacque Maribe, a former TV news anchor, was acquitted on the same allegation.

Jowie Irungu’s life story is one of a promising career in security that took a dark and unforeseen turn, leading him to the centre of a criminal investigation that captivated the nation.

Jowie Irungu Age

Jowie Irungu was born as Joseph Kuria Irungu on 15 June 1989 in Nakuru County. He is currently 34 years old as of 2024.

Jowie Irungu Early Life and Education

Jowie Irungu grew up in Nakuru, where he attended Flora Park Comprehensive High School. He developed a passion for acting and drama from a young age and participated in school plays and competitions. He also joined a theatre group called Ola-Olu Theatre Group, where he honed his skills and talent.

He pursued his education with a focus on security management, reflecting an early interest in the field. He studied at the Kenya Polytechnic (currently known as the Technical University of Kenya) before relocating to Dubai. His academic path paved the way for his eventual career in private security.


Jowie Irungu Career

Jowie Irungu’s career path led him to work in various roles within the security industry. He spent time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where he served as a security officer. His international experience was frequently cited as evidence of his skill and knowledge in security affairs.

He later returned to Kenya and worked as a private security consultant, offering security services to VIPs and high-profile clients. He also claimed to have worked for the Office of the President, although this was never verified. He was known to many as a professional and competent security expert, who had a passion for his job.

He also had a flair for social media, where he often posted photos and videos of his lavish lifestyle, travels, and adventures. He had a large following on Instagram, where he went by the name Jowie Joe. He also used social media to showcase his love for his then-fiancé, Jacque Maribe, who he proposed to in June 2018.

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The Murder of Monica Kimani

The trajectory of Jowie Irungu’s life took a dark and unforeseen path in September 2018, with the murder of Monica Kimani, who was a businesswoman based in South Sudan. Monica was discovered daed in her apartment in Kilimani, Nairobi, a case that swiftly became one of the most widely discussed criminal investigations in Kenya.


Jowie, who was then the fiancé of popular TV presenter Jacque Maribe, was arrested and identified as the prime suspect in the case. The prosecution’s narrative portrayed a somber scenario: Jowie was accused of utilizing his security expertise to enter Monica’s apartment, where he purportedly committed the crime before departing from the scene. He was also accused of shooting himself in the chest in an attempt to cover up his involvement.

What ensued was a high-profile court case in which Jowie faced charges of murder, catapulting him into the limelight for all the wrong reasons. He spent 18 months in custody, being transferred from Kamiti Prison to Manyani Prison in Voi, before he was granted bail in February 2020. He was also ordered to refrain from commenting on the case on social media or contacting any witnesses.

In a judgement delivered by Justice Grace Nzioka on February 9, 2024, Jowie was found guilty of the murder of Monica Kimani, based on the evidence presented by the prosecution. He was denied bail and remanded in custody until March 8, 2024, when he will be sentenced. His ex-fiancé, Jacque Maribe, was acquitted on the grounds of insufficient evidence.


Jowie Irungu is a man whose life story is a tragic tale of a promising career in security that ended in a murder conviction. He is best known for his role in the killing of Monica Kimani, a businesswoman with South Sudan connections, in September 2018.

He is also known for his relationship with Jacque Maribe, a former TV news anchor, who was acquitted on the same allegation. He is currently awaiting sentencing, facing a possible death penalty or life imprisonment.

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