K.K Kabobo Biography: Age, Cause of Death, Music Career, Wife, Family, Net Worth And More

K.K Kabobo Biography

K.K Kabobo Biography

K.K. Kabobo, born Kwabena Kwakye Kabobo, is a name that resonates deeply within the Ghanaian music industry. His contributions to the highlife genre have cemented his legacy as one of the greats. This article delves into the life of K.K. Kabobo, exploring his early beginnings, rise to fame, and his lasting impact on music and society.

K.K Kabobo Early Life

K.K. Kabobo’s story begins in Ghana, where he was born into a world filled with the rhythms of highlife music. Despite facing financial challenges that barred him from furthering his education, Kabobo’s resilience led him to become a pupil teacher, a role that allowed him to educate others while honing his musical skills.

K.K Kabobo Musical Career

In 1978, Kabobo took a significant step in his career by forming his first band, the Explosive Jets. His talent quickly shone through, and by 1981, he released his first album. The album featured the hit song ‘Onyame Ehuwo,’ which became the highest-selling record in Ghana and was declared Song of the Year in 1992.

After gaining experience with various bands, including Sidiku Buari Express and F. Michaels Band, Kabobo embarked on a solo career. His focus shifted to studio work, where he could fully express his creative vision.

K.K Kabobo Personal Life

Kabobo’s life was rich and multifaceted. In 2012, he was ordained as a Pastor by the Covenant Mission Bible College in Accra, reflecting his dedication to spiritual growth and community service.


K.K Kabobo Family Ties

A devoted family man, Kabobo was a father to 16 children. His role as a parent was as cherished as his music, and he often emphasized the importance of family in his life.

K.K Kabobo Legacy and Impact

K.K. Kabobo’s influence on the highlife genre is undeniable. His music not only entertained but also inspired and brought joy to many. His journey from a pupil teacher to a celebrated artist and pastor is a testament to his determination and versatility.

K.K Kabobo’s Death

K.K. Kabobo passed away on March 14, 2024, after a long battle with liver disease. His death was a significant loss to the music world and to all who knew him. However, his music lives on, continuing to inspire future generations.


K.K. Kabobo’s biography is not just a tale of musical prowess; it is a story of overcoming adversity, inspiring others, and leaving a mark on the world. His life reminds us that with passion and perseverance, one can turn challenges into triumphs. K.K. Kabobo’s legacy will forever be etched in the annals of highlife music history.

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