Kareh B Biography: Age, Wikipedia, Real Name, Son, Husband, Career, Songs, Net Worth, Instagram

Kareh B Biography

Who is Kareh B?

Kareh B biography: Kareh B is a well-known Kenyan musician, vocal coach, and stage and film actress. Her career gained momentum in 2018 with the success of her hit song “Tuirio Twega.” She holds a significant presence in the Mugithi scene and has advocated for addressing the obstacles encountered by female artists in the industry.

Kareh B Biography
Kareh B Biography:

Unfortunately, Kareh B’s 17-year-old son, Joseph Mwadulo, tragically lost his life in a road accident in April 2024. She has openly shared her grief and is actively seeking clarity and accountability regarding the circumstances of the accident.

Kareh B Real Name

Kareh B’s birth name is Mary Wangare Gioche.

Karen o carly Lue and Education

Kareh B was born in Nairobi as the youngest of four children. She attended a school in South B before transferring to Kitengela Secondary School. She completed her high school education at Joseph Kairu Secondary School. Due to her outstanding performance in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), she pursued a degree in Public Relations at the University of Nairobi.

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Kareh B Career

Kareh B Biography
Kareh B Career

Despite her childhood aspirations of becoming a lawyer, Kareh B’s journey into entertainment began in 2009. However, it wasn’t until 2017 that she started recording her own songs. Before embarking on her solo career, she was involved in a band that performed diverse genres such as Rhumba and Afro Fusion at various venues. To enhance her proficiency in the Kikuyu language, she participated in Kikuyu theatre, where she honed her skills in singing in Kikuyu.

Kareh B Hit Songs

One of Kareh B’s notable hits is “Tuirio Twega,” a collaboration with Jose Gatutura. In 2018, their collaboration extended to four songs, which resonated strongly with their audience, captivating listeners with their music.

Other Kareh B’s hit songs include:

1. “Tuirio Twega”
2. “Maturire”
3. “Wendo Ni Muthoni”
4. “Nginya Wa Ngai”
5. “Ihoya Riakwa”
6. “Gutire Mwoyo”
7. “Maitu Njugira”
8. “Tuhitu”
9. “Riika Riaku”
10. “Mutu Wa Munda”

Kareh B’s Collaboration with Sir Elvis

Kareh B had the privilege of collaborating with the legendary country singer, Sir Elvis, after he discovered her performing and was captivated by her voice. Their collaboration resulted in mesmerizing performances of country songs that left audiences enthralled.


Kareh B Personal Life

Kareh B is happily married, and together with her spouse, they are proud parents to three wonderful children.

Kareh B Son’s Death

Kareh B experienced the heartbreaking loss of her 17-year-old son, Joseph Mwadulo, in a tragic road accident. The incident occurred on the Kisumu-Kakamega Highway, involving an Easy Coach bus carrying students from Chavakali Boys High School. Joseph was among the students traveling home for the holidays when the accident tragically occurred.

Kareh B Net Worth

As of 2024, Kareh B’s estimated net worth stood at $50,000.

Kareh B Social Instagram Handle

Instagram: @karehb_official


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