Leke Alder Biography: Age, State Of Origin, Career, Books, Wife, Children, Foundation, Net Worth

Leke Alder Biography

Leke Alder Biography

Leke Alder is a Nigerian lawyer, polymath, and philanthropist. He is the founder and principal of Alder Consulting, a leading creative intelligence firm that has consulted on policy, politics, and business at the highest levels locally and internationally.

He is also the author of several books, a radio host, a photographer, a furniture designer, and a speaker at various conferences and events.

He is married to Morenike and has two children, Olamide and Toluwani. He runs a foundation that supports nine orphanages and has impacted over 120,000 lives. He is a patriot and a Nigerian.

Leke Alder Full Name

His full name is Samuel Oluwaleke Alder.

Leke Alder Early Life and Education

Leke Alder was born as an only child in Lagos, Nigeria. His family comes from Lagos and Abeokuta in Ogun State. He had a keen interest in learning from a young age and was exposed to various fields of knowledge by his parents and relatives.


He attended Igbobi College and Kings College, two prestigious secondary schools in Lagos, where he excelled academically and participated in various extracurricular activities. He developed a passion for law, literature, and art during his secondary school years

He proceeded to Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) in Ile-Ife, where he studied law and graduated in 1985.

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Leke Alder Career and Achievements

Leke Alder Biography

Leke Alder began his professional career in 1987 as a lawyer at Wole Olufon & Co, a legal firm specializing in Commercial Law, Property Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Litigation and Intellectual Property. He gained valuable experience and exposure in the legal field and honed his skills in research, analysis, and communication. He worked on various cases and transactions involving corporate and individual clients, both local and foreign.


However, Leke Alder was not satisfied with being just a lawyer. He had a vision of creating a new kind of consulting firm that would combine creativity and intelligence to solve complex problems and create value for clients. He founded Alder Consulting in 1996 and introduced branding as a discipline to Nigeria. He has since consulted on various projects and sectors, ranging from policy formulation for the federal government of Nigeria to political strategy and communication campaigns for national and sub-national levels. He has also worked with multinational corporations, international organizations, and civil society groups on issues such as governance, development, education, health, and security.

Leke Alder Biography

Leke Alder is also a writer of several books, articles, and essays on diverse topics such as branding, leadership, strategy, politics, religion, and relationships. He is the author of the bestselling book, The 21st Century Brand, which provides a comprehensive guide to building successful brands in the modern world.

He is also the host of a radio show, The Leke Alder Show, which features insightful conversations and interviews with experts and influencers from various fields and backgrounds. He writes a weekly column, Illuminare, which takes readers to the deep end of God’s word and then deeper.

Leke Alder is also a speaker at various conferences and events, both locally and internationally. He has spoken at the World Economic Forum, the African Union, the Commonwealth Business Forum, the Nigerian Economic Summit, the Harvard Business School Africa Conference, and many others.


Leke Alder is also a man of many talents and interests. He is a cartoonist, photographer, painter, and designer. He has hosted several art exhibitions and published several comic books and magazines. He also designs furniture, clothes, and interiors, and writes computer codes.

Leke Alder is also a philanthropist and a patriot. He runs a foundation that supports nine orphanages and has impacted over 120,000 lives.

He is also passionate about nation-building and social justice. He is a member of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group, the Nigerian Bar Association, the International Trademark Association, and the Institute of Directors.

Leke Alder Books

Leke Alder is a prolific writer who has authored several books on diverse topics such as branding, leadership, strategy, politics, religion, and relationships. Some of his books are:

The 21st Century Brand: A comprehensive guide to building successful brands in the modern world.


The Contemplative MBA: A book of illustrated business lessons that focuses on the challenges of business growth and the business life of the entrepreneur.

Minding Your Business: A practical guide to building and managing an enterprise that touches parts many books cannot reach.

Brandit!: How to brand a company and steal market share.

Letter to Jack: A book that explores manhood, the male sexuality, women’s perspective on men, and more.

Letter to Jil: A book that explores womanhood, the female sexuality, men’s perspective on women, and more.


The Genesis Project: A book that answers questions such as how old is the universe, in what dimension is God, how will the world end, what is dark energy, what are black holes, and more.

On Man: A book that explores the principles of success on Planet Earth.

Leke Alder: An autobiography of the author that details his earliest life, his parentage, his schooling, his serendipities, his work, his struggles, his successes, his illnesses, his divorce, his remarriage.

Leke Alder Wife and Children

Leke Alder is married to Morenike Popoola, and has two children: Toluwani and Olamide.

Leke Alder Net Worth

Leke Alder has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2024.


Leke Alder Social Media Handles

Leke Alder is active on various social media platforms, where he shares his insights, opinions, and expressions. Here are some of his social media handles:

  • Facebook: Leke Alder
  • Twitter: @LekeAlder
  • Instagram: @lekealder
  • LinkedIn: Leke Alder
  • YouTube: Leke Alder
  • Medium: @lekealder
  • Website: lekealder.com

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