Maleek Milton Biography: Age, State Of Origin, Career, Movies, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Maleek Milton Biography

Maleek Milton Biography

Maleek Milton, whose full name is Emeka Miltons Alumona, is a talented Nigerian actor known for his versatility in Nollywood. He was born on July 11, 1983, in Enugu State, Nigeria.

Maleek has played various roles in different movies, including “Female Police,” “Battle of King,” and “Drop of Tears.”

He’s also recognized for his business acumen alongside his acting career. Despite his fame, Maleek maintains a private life, with little public information about his marital status.

Maleek Milton Age

Maleek Milton is 41 years old as of 2024.

Maleek Milton State of Origin

Maleek Milton hails from Enugu State in Nigeria.


Maleek Milton Early Life and Education

Maleek Milton, known in the entertainment industry for his captivating roles in Nollywood, began his journey in Enugu State, Nigeria. Born on July 11, 1983, as Emeka Miltons Alumona, he was the product of a nurturing family that valued education and personal growth.

From a young age, Maleek was immersed in the rich cultural tapestry of his hometown, where he completed his early education. The details of his academic journey beyond this point remain scant, as Maleek has kept this aspect of his life away from the public eye.

Growing up in Enugu, Maleek was surrounded by a community that celebrated storytelling and performance. This environment undoubtedly influenced his future career in acting. Despite the lack of detailed records about his educational background, it is clear that his early life in Enugu laid the foundation for his later success. Maleek’s formative years were marked by a strong sense of responsibility and a drive to succeed, traits that would serve him well in his professional life.

Maleek Milton Career

maleek milton biography

Maleek Milton, a prominent figure in Nollywood, embarked on his acting journey with a lead role in the movie “My Carelessness.” His debut performance captured the hearts of audiences and marked the beginning of a flourishing career.


Since then, Maleek has showcased his versatility by starring in over 50 Nollywood movies, taking on diverse roles that range from a playboy to a king, and even a native doctor.

The film “The Confused Prince” (Season 1 & 2), where he played the lead role, catapulted Maleek to fame. His portrayal of the character left a lasting impression and established him as a household name in the Nigerian movie industry.

Maleek’s career is not just limited to acting; he is also known for his business acumen.

Throughout his career, Maleek has been recognized for playing the quintessential “lover boy,” often portraying characters who have just returned from the United States or those of rich heritage.

Maleek Milton Movies

  • My Carelessness
  • My Beautiful Wife Is All A Lie
  • The Fears and Scars of a Woman
  • How My Heartbreak Story Made The Prince To Fall For Me
  • Female Police
  • Confused Prince Season 1
  • Confused Prince Season 2

Maleek Milton Personal Life

Maleek Milton, the talented Nigerian actor, is known for keeping his personal life private. While he is not currently married, he has a child with his lover. He has expressed that he prefers to keep his relationship status away from social media and the public eye, and will reveal it when he feels the time is right.


Maleek Milton Net Worth

Maleek Milton, the Nigerian actor and businessman, has an estimated net worth of about $200,000 USD as of 2024.

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