Niana Guerrero Biography: Wiki, Age, Education and Career, Parents, Nationality, Achievements, Net Worth

niana guerrero biography

Niana Guerrero Biography

Niana Guerrero, born on January 27, 2006, in the Philippines, rose to fame as a talented dancer and social media influencer. She began her journey to stardom by sharing dance videos on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, often collaborating with her brother Ranz Kyle.

Their dynamic performances and infectious energy quickly captured the attention of viewers worldwide, propelling Niana to internet fame. With millions of followers across various social media platforms, she has become a prominent figure in the global dance community.

Niana Guerrero Age

As of January 27, 2026,Niana Guerrero is 18 years old.

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Niana Guerrero Career

niana guerrero biography


Niana Guerrero’s career began to flourish when she started sharing her dance videos on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Collaborating with her brother Ranz Kyle, she gained widespread attention for their dynamic and entertaining performances. As their popularity grew, Niana became known for her energetic dance routines, captivating audiences worldwide. She has since amassed millions of followers across various social media channels and has established herself as a prominent figure in the global dance community.

Niana Guerrero Parents

Niana Guerrero’s parents are Elcid Guerrero and Elcid’s wife.

Niana Guerrero Nationality

Niana Guerrero is Filipino. She was born and raised in the Philippines, and she is of Filipino nationality.

Niana Guerrero Achievements

– The 70th FAMAS Awards: German Moreno Youth Achievement Award
– Best of TikTok PH: Global TikTok Originator

– Kids Choice Awards 2023: Favorite Asian Creator
– TikTok Awards Philippines 2023: Dance Creator of the Year


Niana Guerrero Net Worth

Niana Guerrero’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $1.53 million.

Niana Guerrero Social Media

You can get connected with Niana Guerrero on her various social media platforms:


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