Sbongi Ngcobo Biography: Wiki, Age, Education, Career, Ukhozi FM, Controversies, Net Worth And More

Sbongi Ngcobo Biography

Sbongi Ngcobo is the business manager of Ukhozi FM, a popular radio station in South Africa that broadcasts in IsiZulu. She has been in this position since March 2023, after acting for more than three years.

She is also involved in some controversies, such as being accused of stealing a concept for a song of the year competition and being suspended by the SABC executives.

She is currently facing a court case with Owen Ndlovu, a former SABC sports commentator who claims that she harmed him.

Sbongi Ngcobo Early Life and Career

Sbongi Ngcobo is a South African media personality and the business manager of Ukhozi FM, a popular radio station in the country. She was appointed to this position in March 2021, after acting in it for more than three years.

Ngcobo holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, where she majored in English and media communication. She has been in the radio industry for 15 years and has worked as a marketing manager for Ukhozi FM before becoming the business manager.


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Sbongi Ngcobo Controversies

Sbongi Ngcobo has been involved in some controversy regarding her role as the business manager of Ukhozi FM, especially around the Ingoma Ehlukanisa Unyaka (Song of the Year) Competition at the station.

In December 2023, Ukhozi FM announced that the Song of the Year was Umjolo Lowo by Khuzani Mpungose, a maskandi artist who had won the same title in 2019 and 2020. This sparked outrage among some listeners and other artists, who accused the station of being biased and unfair. They claimed that Umjolo Lowo was not popular enough and did not deserve the award. Some even alleged that Khuzani had paid Ngcobo and other station managers to rig the votes in his favor.

Ngcobo denied the allegations and defended the station’s decision, saying that Umjolo Lowo was the most voted song by the listeners and that the voting process was transparent and audited. She also said that Khuzani was a talented and hardworking artist who had a loyal fan base. She dismissed the accusations of corruption and bribery as baseless and malicious.

In January 2024, Ngcobo was suspended from her position by the SABC, the public broadcaster that owns Ukhozi FM. The reason for her suspension was not officially disclosed, but it was widely speculated that it was related to the Song of the Year controversy and the complaints from the listeners and the artists. Some sources claimed that Ngcobo had violated the SABC’s policies and procedures and that she had failed to manage the station effectively.


Ngcobo challenged her suspension and appealed to the SABC to reinstate her. She said that she had done nothing wrong and that she was a victim of a smear campaign by her enemies. She also said that she had the support of many staff members and listeners who appreciated her work and leadership. She accused the SABC of being unfair and unjust in suspending her without giving her a chance to defend herself.

In February 2024, the SABC issued a statement in response to the media enquiries about Ngcobo’s suspension and the alleged criminal case against her by a certain production house. The SABC said that it had no knowledge of such a case and that it had not been approached by any law enforcement authorities. It also said that the allegations against Ngcobo were baseless, untrue and aimed at damaging her reputation. It said that Ngcobo was still an employee of the SABC and that her suspension was an internal matter that was being handled accordingly.

Sbongi Ngcobo Net Worth

Sbongi Ngcobo has an estimated net worth of $50,000 as of 2024.

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