Sherlyn Chopra Biography: Wiki, Age, Parents, Wikipedia, Career, Movies, Boyfriend, Net Worth

sherlyn chopra
Sherlyn Chopra Biography

Sherlyn Chopra Biography

Sherlyn Chopra is an Indian producer, model, actress, and singer, known for her work in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil films. Born on February 11, 1987, in Hyderabad, India, she has been active in the entertainment industry since 2002.

She did exceptionally well in school, becoming “Miss Andhra” in 1999, which sparked her interest in showbiz. Sherlyn has appeared on the reality show Bigg Boss and has been involved in the “Me Too” movement in India.

In July 2012, she gained significant media attention by posing nude for American Playboy magazine, becoming the first Indian to do so. She later hosted the sixth season of the MTV show Splitsvilla and released a music single titled “Bad Girl” in December 2013.

Sherlyn Chopra Early Life and Education

sherlyn chopra
Sherlyn Chopra biography

Sherlyn Chopra, originally named Mona Chopra, was born on February 11, 1987, in Hyderabad, India. She hails from a culturally diverse background, with her father, Dr. Sagar Chopra, being a Punjabi Christian and her mother, Susan (née Aamir), a Persian Muslim who later became a beautician after working as a pharmacist.

Sherlyn’s early years were spent in a home filled with a blend of languages and traditions, including Hindi, English, and Urdu. She attended Stanley Girls High School in Hyderabad, where she stood out as a standout student known for her studious nature.


Despite not having many close friends during her school years, Sherlyn excelled academically, eventually graduating as the top student in her school. Her mother, who was deeply religious, was an active member of the Methodist Church and even memorized and recited Psalm 119 in its entirety to their congregation, reflecting the family’s strong ties to their religious community.

Sherlyn’s early achievements, including being crowned “Miss Andhra” in 1999, marked the beginning of her journey into the world of showbiz. This early recognition sparked her interest in the entertainment industry and set the stage for her future career endeavors.

Sherlyn Chopra Career

sherlyn chopra
Sherlyn Chopra Biography

Sherlyn Chopra, born on February 11, 1987, in Hyderabad, India, comes from a culturally diverse background. Her father, Dr. Sagar Chopra, was a Punjabi Christian, while her mother, Susan (née Aamir), was a Persian Muslim who transitioned from being a pharmacist to a beautician.

Growing up, Sherlyn experienced a mix of languages and traditions in her home, where Hindi, English, and Urdu were spoken. She attended Stanley Girls High School in Hyderabad, where she excelled academically despite not having many close friends. She graduated as the top student in her school, showcasing her dedication to academics.

Sherlyn’s early ambition was sparked when she was crowned “Miss Andhra” in 1999, igniting her interest in showbiz. She began her career with small roles in Bollywood films, eventually making her Telugu film debut in “A Film by Aravind” in 2005.

sherlyn chopra
Sherlyn Chopra Biography

In July 2012, Sherlyn made headlines by becoming the first Indian woman to pose nude for Playboy magazine, marking a bold move that garnered international attention. Her participation in the reality show “Bigg Boss” further added to her popularity, showcasing her strong personality and outspoken nature.

Aside from acting, Sherlyn delved into content creation and direction, producing the short film “Maya,” a supernatural thriller. She also showcased her musical talents with the release of her single “Bad Girl” in December 2013, addressing issues of moral policing.

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Sherlyn Chopra Movies

Sherlyn Chopra’s movies:

1. “Vendi Mabbu” (2002) – (Telugu film)
2. “A Film by Aravind” (2005) – Role: Bhavani (Telugu film)
3. “Time Pass” (2005) – Role: Anjali (Bollywood film)
4. “University” (2007) – (Telugu film)
5. “Jawani Diwani: A Youthful Joyride” (2006) – (Bollywood film)
6. “Red Swastik” (2007) – Role: Anamika (Bollywood film)
7. “Game” (2007) – (Bollywood film)
8. “Dosti: Friends Forever” (2005) – (Bollywood film)
9. “Raqeeb” (2007) – Role: Sophie (Bollywood film)
10. “Naughty Boy” (2006) – (Bollywood film)
11. “Anjalika” (2006) – (Telugu film)
12. “Dil Bole Hadippa!” (2009) – Role: Unknown (Bollywood film)
13. “Thank You” (2011) – Role: Naina (Bollywood film)
14. “Kamasutra 3D” (2013) – (Bollywood film, Unreleased)
15. “Wajah Tum Ho” (2016) – Role: Maya (Bollywood film)
16. “Maya” (2018) – (Short film; also writer, director, and producer)
17. “A Tribute to Rituparno Ghosh: Season’s Greetings” (2019) – (Bollywood film)
18. “Aashiq Hoon Main” (2021) – (Bollywood film, Filming)


Sherlyn Chopra songs

1. “Bad Girl” – Released in December 2013, this song marked Sherlyn Chopra’s debut as a singer. The song addresses issues of moral policing and received attention for its catchy tune and empowering lyrics.

2. “Dard-e-Sherlyn” – Released in 2016, this song showcases Sherlyn’s seductive side and was well-received by her fans.

3. “Kataar” – Released in 2018, this Punjabi song features Sherlyn Chopra in a glamorous avatar and garnered attention for its music video.

4. “Tunu Tunu” – A peppy Punjabi song featuring Sherlyn Chopra, released in 2019, known for its catchy beats and vibrant music video.

Sherlyn Chopra Personal Life

Sherlyn Chopra is not married, does not have children, and is currently single.


Sherlyn Chopra Net Worth

Sherlyn Chopra’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Sherlyn Chopra Social Media

  • Instagram: @sherlynchopra
  • Twitter: @SherlynChopra
  • YouTube: Sherlyn Chopra

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