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Suzanne Emma, a Dutch-Nigerian woman, was previously married to Emeka Ike, a veteran in Nollywood, known for his roles as an actor, director, producer, and investor. A teacher by profession, Suzanne Emma has four children from her previous marriage. However, their relationship ended in a tumultuous and controversial divorce in 2017, following her allegations of physical and emotional abuse against Emeka Ike. Here are lesser-known facts about Suzanne Emma.

Early Life and Education

Suzanne, born in the Netherlands to a Dutch mother and a Nigerian father, never had the chance to know her father, as he left her mother while she was pregnant. Her upbringing was marked by poverty and an abusive environment, subjecting her to considerable hardship and trauma. Hoping for a better life, she relocated to Nigeria with her mother during her teenage years.

Enrolling at the University of Lagos to pursue Education, Suzanne Emma crossed paths with Emeka Ike, then studying Mechanical Engineering at the same institution, introduced through a mutual acquaintance. Their relationship blossomed, leading to marriage in 2000, coinciding with Emeka Ike’s rising fame as a notable Nollywood actor.


Suzanne Emma, a professional educator, crossed paths with Emeka Ike, a renowned figure in Nollywood, during their time as students at the University of Lagos. Their relationship culminated in marriage in 2000, where she not only became his wife but also took on the role of managing his career. Emma played a pivotal role in supporting his acting endeavors, managing his production company, and overseeing his school. With Emeka Ike’s support, she pursued and obtained a master’s degree in education.

However, their marriage came to an end in 2017 amid allegations of abuse and infidelity directed at Emeka Ike, resulting in their divorce. Since then, Emma has maintained a low profile, refraining from public appearances, and her current career status remains undisclosed.


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Net Worth and Income

Information regarding Emma’s net worth and income remains private. Nevertheless, it’s probable that she received financial compensation as part of her divorce settlement with Emeka Ike. The court mandated Emeka Ike to pay a monthly sum of N300,000 for the upkeep of their four children, whom he has been granted custody of.

Natuonality and Ethnicity

Emma, born in the Netherlands to a Dutch mother and a Nigerian father, never had the opportunity to know her father as he left her mother while she was pregnant. Seeking a brighter future, she relocated to Nigeria during her teenage years alongside her mother.

Enrolling at the University of Lagos, Emma met and married Emeka Ike. Through marriage, she acquired Nigerian citizenship and resided in Lagos with her husband and children until their divorce. There’s a possibility she holds dual citizenship in both the Netherlands and Nigeria. Their union was solemnized in a Christian church ceremony, signifying her Christian faith. With a heritage stemming from both Dutch and Nigerian ancestry, Emma identifies with a mixed ethnicity.

Marriage and Divorce with Emeka Ike

In 2000, Suzanne and Emeka Ike celebrated a grand wedding ceremony that drew numerous celebrities and dignitaries. Their marriage appeared joyful and content, marked by Emeka Ike’s displays of affection through lavish gifts, attention, and unwavering love. He went the extra mile by constructing residences for Suzanne’s family in Lagos and Isoko and generously sponsoring her pursuit of a master’s degree. Together, they welcomed four children into their family, comprising two sons, Michael and Jason, and two daughters, Kelly and Oluchi.


Yet, their marriage didn’t mirror its seemingly flawless exterior. Emma revealed that Emeka Ike was a brutal and abusive partner, subjecting her to physical violence and verbal attacks regularly. She further accused him of infidelity with other women and neglecting both her and their children. Emma disclosed enduring this torment for 14 years, hoping for a change that never materialized; instead, the situation worsened. Additionally, she alleged his association with certain cult members whose intentions were to undermine his life and career.

In 2015, Suzanne made the difficult decision to terminate the marriage due to unbearable pain and suffering. Seeking resolution, she initiated divorce proceedings at the Lagos Island Customary Court, requesting the dissolution of their union and sole custody of their children. Additionally, she sought a monthly maintenance fee of N300,000 to support the upbringing of their children.

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