Who is Ntandokazi? Biography, Age, Wiki, Boyfriend, Youtube, Net Worth

Who is Ntandokazi

Who is Ntandokazi?

Ntandokazi is a content creator, marketer, and social media influencer from South Africa. She is well-known for her romantic and peace-loving relationship with her boyfriend, Master Bashe, and for managing one of the largest relationship and couple channels on YouTube, named Ntando Bash. [

Early Life and Education

Ntandokazi, whose real name is Ntandokazi Mzamo, was born on September 9, 1999, in Umtata, Eastern Cape. She attended Holy Cross Education Centre Kiddieland for her secondary education. After matric, she enrolled at the University of Fort Hare, where she is currently studying law.

Career and Achievements

Ntandokazi biography

Ntandokazi is a multi-talented and ambitious young woman who has a passion for creating and marketing content. She has a large and loyal following on Instagram, where she posts pictures and videos of her lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and travel. She also runs a YouTube channel with her boyfriend, Master Bashe, where they share their love story, challenges, pranks, and advice. Their channel, Ntando Bash, has over 500,000 subscribers and millions of views.

Ntandokazi is also a marketer who works with various brands and companies to promote their products and services. She has collaborated with brands such as Look Online, Thairapy, and Zara. She is also a co-founder of a clothing line called Ntando Bash Clothing, which sells hoodies, t-shirts, and accessories.


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Personal Life and Relationship

Ntandokazi biography

Ntandokazi is in a relationship with Master Bashe, a software developer and engineer based in East London. They met in 2016 and started dating in 2020. They are not yet married, but they live together in East London. They do not have any children, but they plan to have some in the future. They enjoy spending time together, traveling, and making videos. Their relationship is admired by many people for its simplicity, honesty, and respect.

Ntandokazi recently made headlines when she allegedly declined a R1.2 million offer from Edwin Sodi, a controversial businessman who wanted to have an affair with her. Ntandokazi was praised by many social media users for her loyalty, humility, and integrity. However, some people doubted the authenticity of the story and questioned the source of the information. Ntandokazi has not confirmed or denied the story.

Net Worth

Ntandokazi has an estimated net worth of $50,000 as of 2024



Ntandokazi is a young and successful woman who has made a name for herself in the content creation and marketing industry. She is also a loving and faithful partner to her boyfriend, Master Bashe, who supports her in everything she does. Ntandokazi is an inspiration to many people who aspire to achieve their dreams and goals. She is a woman who knows her worth and does not compromise her values for anything.

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